Amanda at Greenbiz 21 :)

Hello everyone!

My name is Amanda, I work as a network mobilizer at Youth Climate Leaders and I decided to write this article to share my experience being a member of YCL Delegation to GreenBiz 21.

But… Maybe you’re thinking:

  • Amandinha, what is YCL? What is GreenBiz? What is this event? :O

Before sharing how was this international conference, I would like to explain how everything started:

Youth Climate Leaders is an International organization that accelerates climate actions and careers, empowering the youth to lead its own projects and connecting young people with sustainable organizations.

Our head of partnerships Steven Carson II, had a beautiful proposal: bring a YCL Delegation to GreenBiz 21 Conference!

GreenBiz Group is a media and events company that views climate and other environmental challenges as existential threats to business and society, as well as significant opportunities.

We did a selection and we got 8 young leaders to represent YCL:

#GreenBiz21 is the premier annual event for sustainable business leaders, convening more than 1,200 professionals online, across 80 sessions, with 7 main tracks: Social Justice, Sustainability Leadership, Circular Economy, Finance & ESG, Net Zero, Resilient Supply Chain and Stakeholders & Storytelling.

This experience was amazing! One day before the event (February 8th), people from our delegation met for the first time. Steven gave us the mission to search for a case about how the GreenBiz’ organizations are engaging the youth in projects to combat climate crisis.

In this meeting, we had the opportunity to know each other, share our research, understand particular goals of our delegates, figure out a way to act as a group and choose a topic to follow:

Since the middle of last year (2020), I decided to study Environmental racism, focusing on Social Justice. As a black woman, it was very powerful to see how black Americans are taking this issue and leading conversations about the topic!

Guys, the event was amazing! I would like to share a sentence that I learn with the panels and is still alive in my heart: Reformation starts with ourselves. It’s our responsibility to lead the change with values and passion! Our generation has the power to be part of revolution, but first we have to be very humble to listen connect and share our vision with the sustainability allys.

I came out of this event very energized, with some clear takeaways to engage my community, organization and everyone who are around me. This is the perfect time to give the first step and stand up for an inclusive, collaborative and sustainable planet.

Perhaps you might think that building a sustainable world is a dream... But dreams come to true when we build together! Are you coming with me?

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Graduated in International Relations, Amanda undertakes PerifaSustentavel, is a columnist for Agência Jovem de Notícias and acts as a network mobilizer for Youth Climate Leaders. Leadership Forbes Under 30, she aims to mobilize young people to build an inclusive, collaborative and sustainable planet, through the UN Youth Ambassadors, Global Shapers Community and United People Global.



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